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        Strategic Planning

        We adhere to "openness, innovation, cooperation and sharing" in development, give full play to the technological advantages of national platforms, and cooperate and share with top domestic and foreign institutions and enterprises to promote the integrated development of inspection & testing industry and high-end equipment industry. Measures are taken to integrate the industrial chain of inspection and testing industry, build an industrial innovation system, cultivate new driving forces in inspection and testing industry, and develop new core competitiveness of Qingdao. We are actively committed to the new round of open development, helping China's equipment industry "go global" and serving national strategies of building China into a marine power and a country of high quality manufacturing.


        On October 28, 2019, Qingdao NMEI Group initiated the establishment of "China Marine Equipment Inspection and Testing Alliance" with other 60 leading institutions and enterprises in this industry, including China Classification Society, China National Institute of Standardization, China Institute of Metrology, Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CNOOC and CIMC Offshore Engineering Institute. Through joint construction and shared research, the alliance will strive for breakthroughs in independent innovation of marine equipment, upgrades in testing technology and improvement of the standard system. The alliance aims at formulating group standards and accreditation rules for China's independent intellectual property rights, achieving mutual recognition of test results with major international testing and certification institutions, carrying out research on the interconnection of national quality infrastructure under the Belt and Road Initiative, facilitating trade , and helping China's marine equipment industry "go global".

        International Cooperation

        Qingdao NMEI Group signed China’s first MOU on mutual recognition of international testing certification with  TüV Rheinland from Germany, reached cooperation consensus with European Committee for Electrotechnical Normalization (CENELEC) to jointly build an Asian Center for Electrical Standardization Research and Cooperation, carried out cooperation with Siemens (China) in intelligence, automation, digitalization to set up a mechanism for inspection, testing, certification and safety assessment, established an intelligent testing laboratory for the Internet of Things with DEKRA from Spain, and reached cooperation intention with DNV-GL in the field of energy storage and battery safety testing and certification. National Marine Equipment Quality Inspection Center has been accredited as a qualified laboratory by Bureau Veritas (BV) and Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR), becoming the first LR-accredited institution in China.

        Talent Team

        To meet the needs for development, Qingdao NEMI Group has established a multi-level talent system with a talent pool of 200 experts, and hired three Chinese academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and one foreign academician as senior consultants to advise on the Group’s development strategy.  NMEI staff members have an average age of 34, and 50% of them have master or doctoral degrees. The Group also co-established "NMEI Institute of Shandong University" with Shandong University and "Qingdao Institute of Wuhan University of Technology" with Wuhan University of Technology to ensure sustainable talent supply. The Group keeps seeking talents from various channels, discovering talents in practice and cultivating and training them throughout career development so as to build a well-structured workforce with excellent quality and passion for exploration and innovation.

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