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        Sci-Tech Finance

        Qingdao High Innovation Sci-Tech Capital Operation Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao NMEI Group Co. ,Ltd. Serving as a platform of policy-oriented sci-tech investment operation, it actively attracts social capital and has established a diversified FinTech service system through various means of capital operation such as controlling and holding shares, guiding capital contribution, merger and separation. It is the leading participant in the city's FinTech business and the channel and carrier for the market-based management of the city's financial investment in FinTech industry. Benefiting from NMEI Group’s resources in modern manufacturing inspection and the Group’s quality-assurance technological platform, the company gives full play to the respective advantages of FinTech and marine equipment inspection industries, and supports Qingdao in the campaigns of "developing the city with science and technology" and "seeking breakthroughs in the marine sector ".

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        Sci-Tech Financing Guarantee

        Having eleven series of credit guarantee products to meet the financing needs of sci-tech enterprises.

        Sci-Tech Microcredit

        To directly address the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized sci-tech enterprises in Qingdao

        Angel Investment Fund

        Entrusted to manage the Qingdao Angel Investment Guidance Fund, and assisting in the establishment of Angel Investment Fund of Funds

        Industrial Investment Fund

        To vigorously promote the intelligent upgrading of the whole industrial chain of high-end equipment manufacturing in Qingdao

        Start-up Incubation Fund

        To support innovation, entrepreneurship and excellent businesses in Qingdao, providing comprehensive business incubation services

        Achievement Transformation Fund

        To guide institutions of technology transfer in serving the transformation, capitalization and securitization of  marine sci-tech achievements

        Technology Transfer Service

        To provide specialized services for technology transfer, achievement transformation and cooperation between industry, university and research institute

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