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        Special Forum on "Standardization and Modern Marine Industry System" Successfully Undertaken by Qindao NMEI Group


        On the afternoon of October 28, 2019, the special sub-forum on "Standardization and Modern Marine Industry System" of the 2019 Qingdao International Standardization Forum was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao.This forum was hosted by Qingdao municipal government and undertaken by Oceanic Valley Administration and Qingdao NMEI Group. Focusing on standardization system as a support for the development of marine engineering equipment, intelligent ships, marine engineering and modern ports,etc., this forum intends to build a high-end platform for professional dialogue among relevant parties such as governments, institutions and enterprises.




        Standardization is required in all fields and throughout the whole process of marine industry, and serves as a key basic support and driver for marine industry innovation, marine economic development and marine sci-tech progress. The forum on "Standardization and Modern Marine Industry System" had as keynote speakers 12 prestigious experts from the International Electrotechnical Commission, internationally renowned universities, national authorities and leading enterprises, such as Wang Dianchang, former director-general of the Policy, Regulations and Planning Department of the State Oceanic Administration; Alain Rousseau, chairman of IEC SC 37A and TC81, Zhang Dagang, director of National Engineering Laboratory for Subsea Equipment Testing and Detection Technology, Christophe, professor of the University of Orleans, France; Li Fengli, general manager of Shandong Port Group, Cai Yuliang, deputy director of CCS Scientific Innovation & Test Center and Han Xiaoyan, vice president of China Institute of Marine Technology and Economy. They made keynote speeches entitled "Building a Modern Marine Industry System to Promote Qingdao's Marine Economy", "How to Reduce Lightning Risk of Marine Equipment", "The Role of Numerical Simulation Analysis in the Quality Inspection throughout the Whole Life Cycle of Marine Equipment and Its Standardization", "The Process and Future Development of World Marine Engineering Equipment Standardization", "the Construction of World-Class Marine Ports ---Cooperation between the East and West and Interaction between Land and Sea" and "Current Development and Standards of Intelligent Ships", etc.




        More than 120 people attended this special forum, including representatives of authoritative institutions and leading enterprises in standardization, inspection, certification and accreditation industries, representatives from research institutes and leading enterprises in marine industry, experts and scholars from National Engineering Laboratory for Subsea Equipment Testing and Detection Technology and representatives of NMEI Group’s customers. Participants said that the new ideas and concepts brought by experts at the forum will set the direction for a new round of industry development.

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